British Krav Maga Association: Security Training Wing



About Us

In the aftermath of the 2nd Iraq war there emerged an increasing demand for training in hand to hand skills from Close Protection Operatives and service personnel.  These operatives wanted to increase their levels of personal safety in the event of a weapons malfunction, or loss of access to firearms. Training had to be realistic, simple and effective. In addition - training needed to be forgiving of error and resistant to skill fade. As Krav Maga trainers we were well equipped to meet this challenge. Krav Maga developed in very simmilar conditions in Israel in 1948 and had a tried and tested approach to simmilar situations. (For further info on Krav Maga see What is Krav Maga).


Over the next 5 years we began to develop a unique expertise in providing specialised, accelerated training for individuals working in these high risk environments. As time progressed our training methods became simplified and further refined providing a fast,  effective programme of training. Our role expanded to operatives requiring hand to hand skills for unorthodox situations, or as part of a more covert role where they may not be armed or carry a discrete pistol.


In 2010 the British Krav Maga Association was founded and given its reputation, attracted a number of highly experienced operators from the Royal Marines, UK special Forces and other specialist trained individuals.  In 2013 the British Krav Maga Association appointed Mark Edwards to head up the Security Training Wing of the Association. Mark is a long term Krav Maga Instructor and former Royal Marines Warrant Officer with 24 years experience and including tours of Northern Ireland and Afghanistan.



The Association provides a number of courses designed specifically for the needs of the Close Protection community. Training is delivered by credible, specialist trainers active within their area of expertise.