How much does a UK close protection officer earn

How much does a UK based Close Protection Officer earn ?

Before I answer this, you have to ask yourself why you want to get into a career in Close Protection

and what you have to offer that makes you different from everyone else trying to work in this field?

If you want to enter the industry because you think it is very well paid then you may have to think again.

Some jobs do command good rates of pay but most of these have had extensive experience in either DPG or RMP (Ones that have actually done the RMP CP course) and some SF. If you have just left the army with an average career and a few operational tours then you will be joining the masses that are already trying to get a foot in the door. At the moment there are hundreds of people just like you, competing for every contract. Many make up hours with security work or maybe some RST (Residential Security Team) positions.


If you do a quick calculation of the average hourly rate for RST and quality event work being £12 per hour getting 48 hours a week then you will probably earn £29,952 before tax. In reality there will be periods where there isn't any work so yearly earnings will be less than that figure. Compare that with a friend of mine that is a self employed electrician fitting cooker elements. He charges £95 for less than an hour's work with a part that costs about £10 and probably less than £10 in diesel. That works out to about £70 per hour with the same unpredictability of work load but he rarely starts before 10am and often back home before 6pm. To get qualified as an electrician would probably cost about the same as doing a mid priced CP course.

If it is the money you are after then a trade will be a better bet especially if you have learned a trade in the armed forces which means little training needed once you have left.


What Am I Likely To Earn as a UK based Close Protection Officer?


Let's break it down into components:

Quality event work: £11 - £15 per hour
RST - £120 - £150 per day for a 12 hour day
AGMs: £120 - £165 per day
CP: £185 - £225 per day, hours various dependant on client
Surveillance: £250 - £300 per day or approx £25 per hour


A good job will cover expenses but not always accommodation so that has to be factored in as well. Most jobs will not cover any additional expenses. Some others may have differing rates but these are the ones I have encountered, the maximum figures I have earned.


Mark Edwards



Mark has a career spanning 24 years in the Royal Marines and has worked since in the CP sector since 2007. Mark has worked with top tier clients in the UK and teaches in the Close Protection and Maritime Security areas. Mark also teaches at a senior level for the British Krav Maga Association



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