Close Protection Training

18 Day Close Protection Training 


Close Protection course run by British Krav MagaLevel 3 Close Protection Course suitable for SIA Accreditation

The BKMA  Close Protection course is designed to establish it's Graduates as credible and professional Close Protection Officers. This is a practical and highly demanding course.

The BKMA course includes the most comprehensive and credible Hand to Hand Combat training of any UK Close Protection Course.


Course Overview

The BKMA Close Protection Course is designed to equip candidates to work within the industry as competent, professional Close Protection Officers.

The Close Protection Industry is highly competitive and any small advantage in training can result in a significant advantage in the employment market.

As a result the BKMA course offers a practical, scenario based course with practical elements, theory blocks, and live exercises to build practical experience.

What is included

Level 3 Close Protection Award

Level 3 Award: Krav Maga Defensive Tactics for Close Protection Officers; (British Krav Maga Association certified)

Physical Fitness Assessment and Certification for employers

ELCAS Accredited - 4697



Hand to Hand skills

The BKMA is committed to providing Close Protection Officers with proven competence in Hand to Hand combat. We are the only company in the UK committed to offering 35+ hours of authentic Israeli Krav Maga.

The BKMA Level 3 Close Protection Course includes the the most credible Hand to Hand training for Close Protection Officers in the UK.

The BKMA  will certify those competent in hand to hand combat skills for perspective employers.

Physical Fitness

The BKMA  assess all Close Protection Candidates. Effective Close Protection Operatives should have a good standard of physical fitness. The SIA have not addressed this issue and it is becoming a major problem in the industry.

The BKMA will test all candidates and provide an objective Fitness test and certification for perspective employers. This offers BKMA graduates a distinct advantage over candidates from other courses

Course Tutors

Training is geared towards those wanting to work with High net worth principles.  BKMA  Close Protection courses are delivered by trainers active and  experienced in their fields of expertise. Tutors are experts in their respective fields and include former Royal Marines, UK Special Forces members or professional Krav Maga Instructors.

This is not another classroom based course - candidates will go on live exercise and practice 'worst case' scenarios.

Training is intense, practical experience making use of scenario driven learning and an extensive Hand to Hand Combat Curricula from Krav Maga.

Level 3 Close Protection Qualification

This Level 3 Close Protection Qualification can enable the learner to progress onto a range of qualifications such as the Foundation Degree in Protective Security Management from Buckinghamshire New University.

Learners successfully completing the licence to practice qualification in Close Protection can be awarded 15 credits towards this Foundation Degree.

This Qualification can also contribute to the Foundation Degree in Crowd and Safety Management and the Certificate in Terrorism Studies.

  • Introduction to the roles of the close protection operative
  • Threat and risk assessment
  • Surveillance awareness
  • Operational planning
  • Law and legislation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Close Protection team work
  • Reconnaissance
  • Close Protection foot techniques
  • Route selection
  • Topography
  • Hand to Hand combat - protecting a 3rd party
  • Hand to Hand Combat - Edged weapons
  • Hand to hand combat - kidnap scenarios
  • Hand to hand combat - Releases and breakaways
  • Hand to hand combat - Multiple attackers, high density threats
  • Adrenalised training drills
  • Use of Close Protection vehicle techniques
  • Search awareness
  • Incidents and dilemmas
  • Venue based security
  • Communication and conflict management skills
  • Effective negotiation
  • Media liaison
  • Operational intelligence
  • Radio-communication
  • Logistics
  • Body protection and evacuation under stress
  • Defensive Tactics Physical Intervention skills with a with third party defence
  • CV writing and Interview practice
  • First Aid and Defibrillator
  • Anti and Counter-surveillance
  • The Law and use of force
  • Negotiation and Verbal Deescalation skills
  • Decision making under stress

Booking your Course

Please read and familiarise yourself with the Course Requirements

To book your course please pay your deposit via the button below. Please select your course date and pay your course deposit via paypal. Deposits are non refundablee - the course balance needs to be settled no later than 30 days prior to the start date.



Close Protection Course Requirements

BKMALOGOSILVERONtransparent-150x150BKMA Courses have a determined a number of minimum requirements to attend a Close Protection Course.  The minimum requirements are there to ensure that graduates are credible and employable within the industry.


Course Requirements


Candidates must have:

1. The ability to pass a Physical Assessment

2. Good communication  skills with a good level of spoken English

3. Basic English & Numeracy skills

4. Full EU Driving Licence

5. Over 24 years of Age

6. Ability to undertake SIA multiple choice exam



Close Protection Officers should maintain a high level of personal fitness. Close Protection Officers need to have sufficient speed and power to react decisively under high levels of stress. Action Training Courses will certify successful graduates a physically fit for potential employers. a personal Fitness Test


Physical Assessment

The course fitness test is conducted outside. The test is achievable for healthy, active individuals with a reasonable level of regular physical activity.

Press ups - Minimum 50 in 2 minutes. Female 25 in 2 minutes

Sit Ups - 50 in 2 minutes

Fireman's Carry - Carry similar weighted individual over 40 meters within 2 minutes

Aerobic Fitness

1.5 Mile (2.4 km)

Within 14 minutes

Allowances are made for size and injury. No allowances are made for poor fitness.