BKMALOGOSILVERONtransparent-150x150Close Protection courses: Booking Page (March 9th 2015: Bristol)

Booking your close protection course is easy.


1. Review the course requirements

2. Choose a suitable date

3. Book your place with a deposit


Course Dates



Monday September 5th to Friday September 23rd 2016


Booking Process

We require a £500 deposit if booked more than 30 days in advance, or a the full booking fee if booked within 30 days.



Applicants must be over 24 years of age (car rental requirements)

Applicants must be of a good standard of Physical Fitness and able to meet course requirements

Course Deposit is non refundable

Course fee does not include food or accommodation

Course balance due 30 days prior to course start date

Failure to meet course conditions may result in loss of your place


Book your Place (Redirects to payment page at Britishkravmagaassociation.co.uk)