Close Protection Course Requirements

Action has a determined a number of minimum requirements to attend a Close Protection Course.  The minimum requirements ensure that our graduates are credible and employable within the industry.


Course Requirements


Candidates must have:

1. The ability to pass a Physicall Assessment

2. Good communication  skills with a good level of spoken English

3. Basic English & Numeracy skills

4. Full EU Driving Licence

5. Over 24 years of Age

6. Ability to undertake SIA multiple choice exam




Close Protection Officers should maintain a high level of personal fitness. Close Protection Officers need to have sufficient speed and power to react decisively under high levels of stress. Action Training Courses will certify successful graduates a physically fit for potential employers. a personal Fitness Test


Physical Assessment

The course fitness test is conducted outside. The test is achievable for healthy, active individuals with a reasonable level of regular physical activity.

Press ups - Minimum 50 in 2 minutes. Female 25 in 2 minutes

Sit Ups - 50 in 2 minutes

Firemans Carry - Carry simmilar weighted individual over 40 meters within 2 minutes

Aerobic Fitness

1.5 Mile (2.4 km)

Within 14 minutes

Allowances are made for size and injury. No allowances are made for poor fitness.