Defensive Tactics Training - 3 DAY COURSE £250

Friday August 2nd til Sunday August 4th 2013


ATC offers Industry specific Defensive Tactics training in conjunction one of the UK's largest Reality Based Organisations - The British Krav Maga Association.


What is Krav Maga

Krav Maga is the hand to hand combat system taught by the Israeli Defence Forces and by Law Enforcement and Military Units worldwide. Krav Maga remains the most widely used method of defensive tactics in the world, largely due to its speed of learning and ease of use. Krav Maga is known as a simple, and intuitive; combatives system that works well, even in worst case situations.


What are Defensive Tactics Courses

Defensive Tactics courses are an organised approach to providing Close Protection officers with defensive and tactical skills appropriate to their role. Traditionally this area is skirted over or avoided within the industry. However experience has shown that Defensive Tactics Physical skills are required to extract the principle safely and usually when employed as a lone close protection officer.


Defensive Tactics Award Level 1

The Level 1 award is a 3 day physical skills module written specifically for the close protection officer. No experience or prior training is required. The curricula the following areas.



  • Conflict Management/Avoidance strategies
  • The law and the use of physical force
  • Defensive Skills - A tactical approach
  • Disengaging the principle - releases from grabs, handholds and clothing
  • Minimal Force Interventions
  • Public Perception Management
  • Physical escalation
  • Use of physical force to stop a threat
  • Combative skills in a crowd
  • Disengaging strategies
  • Scenarios and role plays



I have a martial arts background - should I attend ?

Martial Arts are not a close protection specific tool and won't work well in sudden high intensity situations under public or legal scrutiny. Whilst martial arts have their value - they don't readily translate well to practice in this environment. Defensive Tactics is professional training for the highly specific set of problems experienced in this industry.


I have no experience or training - should I attend ?

A close protection Officer should ultimately be able to protect. If you have no hand to hand skills and are unarmed - you are unable to do your job if things go wrong. Well trained operatives are able to use physically skills appropriately and within a legal framework. Untrained operatives are more likely to apply excessive or inappropriate levels of force, lose control of the situation or be overwhelmed due to lack of appropriate skills.In short Defensive Tactics makes you more aware, confident and competent if things go wrong.


Do I have to be fit ?

As a Close Protection Officer you should maintain a reasonable level of personal fitness in the industry. Defensive Tactics is physically demanding but achievable with a moderate level of fitness. There will be highly demanding periods but theese are fairly short and mirror the demands of real conflict as it arises.

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