Close Protection Course Frequently Asked Questions

BKMALOGOSILVERONtransparent-150x150Is the course suitable for SIA licensing ?

Yes. Successful applicants can apply for an SIA licence on completion of the course. Note: The SIA also require First Aid at Work and a fee to register with them.


Is the course suitable for work outside of the UK

Yes. Our graduates are recognised by virtue of the SIA qualification.


Is accommodation included?

No.  Allow £30 to £45 a night for accommodation.


Where is the course held?

The course is held between a number of locations near Bristol. One venue is a gym for the Hand to Hand combat training, the other is a classroom location for theory, meetings and exams. The majority of the course is on task actually 'doing' the job and practicing drills in public areas.  Much of the course is on the job in central Bristol.


How many people attend each course?

A minimum of 4 a maximum of 12.


How many tutors will be on the course ?

There is usually a lead tutor and assistant on each course.


Who is the course lead tutor?

Mark Edwards is the course lead tutor.  Mark was a chief Instructor for the Royal Marines and has 24 years service. Mark is highly experienced within Close Protection and Maritime security/anti piracy.


Do I need a driving Licence?

Yes, aspects of the course include driving and driver training. A full EU licence is required. Because of insurance requirements, applicants need to be at least 24 years of age with a maximum of 3 penalty points on their licence. A close protection officer without a driving licence will find it very hard to get employment.


I am not a UK national can I attend?

Yes. The course is open to non UK nationals.  However you will need a UK recognised driving licence and to provide ID and a passport number.


I am under 24 can I attend.

We stipulate over 24 as a result of car insurance on the driving portion of training. There is an additional fee in the region of £150 - if the candidate covers this fee we can allow them on to the course.


Can anyone attend?

No.  Candidates must meet course requirements as laid out in the COURSE REQUIREMENTS page


Are the fitness testing and hand to hand components compulsory?

Yes. We are not interested in tick box close protection courses. Candidates come to us as they know they will receive rigorous, professional training to equip them to work in the Close Protection Sector.


Do you offer finance or payment plans ?

No. Lending and payment plans are legally regulated in the UK. We are not a registered to finance company and are unable to offer finance or loans.