Screen_Shot_2012-01-03_at_17.28.57Close Protection Lead Trainer - Mark

The BKMA Team are active in the Industry currently or may be teaching in the Industry currently.

Close Protection Training - Lead Tutor

Mark is a former warrant Officer in the Royal Marines with numerous tours of hotspots around the world from Northern Ireland (when the conflict was active) to more recently, Afghanistan. Mark has 20+ years active in the Royal Marines and 4 years in the Close Protection Industry. Mark is a current operator and has been tasked to look after a range of high net worth individuals and was also been attached to a Royal Protection Team during the Royal Wedding. Mark also works and teaches in the anti piracy sector. Mark is the lead tutor on the Close Protection Course.

close protection trainingSpecialist Trainer R.

R. is a former Royal Marine. R is active within the industry - specifically within Hostile Environments and has worked in Iraq, Afghanistan, North Africa etc. R. works with high profile principles and provides a wide range of experience and advice on the course.

R. provides unique insites into the industry and brings invaluable experience and training to aspects of the course.

close protection trainingClose Protection Course: Specialist Trainer S.

S. served in the Royal Marines before transferring to a UK Special Unit near Poole. S has served over 27+ years with specialist counter terror training. S. has worked with a wide range of counter terror units across the globe and has worked in hostile environments in this capacity. S. brings an unparallelled set of skills and experiences to training and has specialist expertise in surveillance and counter surveillance.

close protection trainingClose Protection Course:

Specialist Trainer Paul Grey

Paul teaches the Defensive Tactics elements of the Close protection programe. Paul is the Training Director for  the British Krav Maga Association, a qualified coach, and holds a number of teaching teaching qualifications in different martial arts and physical intervention methods. He worked in conflict rich environments and has a strong working knowledge of applying physical combat skills under stress.