What is the best medical qualification for a Close Protection Officer

ACTION-CPWhat is the best medical qualification for a close protection officer ?

Finding the right Close Protection course can be tough. Added to that, many include medical qualifications confusing the choice further but what do you actually need ?


In simple terms do you intend to work in the UK and Western Europe ?


If you are UK based you dont really need anything other than First Aid at work. The basic 3 day first aid qualification is fine.  FPOSi training may look sexy but unless you have an extensive medical kit, OP/NG tubing, giving sets, medical gasses or tourniquet, it's not much use to you. Most employers are aware of this and wont make any preference for the qualification.  Assuming you are UK based.


One distinct advantage can be found by having a pediatric first aid qualification and advertising the fact on your CV. It can be a very worth while qualification in terms of getting work. Many clients feel assured knowing that if there is a real problem, they have someone trained to save their children. Dont underestimate the value of this...


If you intend to work offshore, abroad or in a high risk environment FPOSi is the minimum qualification required by most employers.  FPOSi not FPOS.


FPOSI stands for First Person on Scene - Intermediate.  It is a basic paramedical qualification and is a 5 day course that is considerably more in depth than First Aid at Work. I really enjoyed the course - on a personal level but never have access to the kit here in the UK generally.


The prices for FPOSi courses have dropped  considerably now so don't shell out to much and shop around before you spend your hard earned cash.


One last thing with FPOSi training.  You need to practice to stay competent. Doing a refresher once a year is simply not enough. If you need the qualification in the first place you are working somewhere dangerous. Lives depend on you. If you cant intubate or find a vein in practice, you certainly wont do it under stress. Who knows - the life you save could be your own.


Good luck people and stay safe.


Paul Grey



Paul is a tutor and lead Instructor with the British Krav Maga Association. Paul has a career both working with, or teaching others how to work with violence and aggression spanning over 20 years.


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